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About Us

Garam Cafè in Baghdad

the idea of our cafe established in Miami, United States in the new year’s eve of 2017. This cafe is established with the dedication and support of:
– Eng. Sasan Ako (USA) – Co. Named the cafè
– Dr. Nadeen Ako (USA-Dubai) – Coffee selection & Co. named the cafe
– Arch. Agha Ako (Dubai)- The Architect
– Bashar Qaisar(Baghdad) – Logo designer
– Dr. Chateau Ako (Dubai) – Logo design edits
– Haidar Mizhar (Baghdad) – The contractor
– Mr. Ako Ali (Dubai) – Engineering & Technical Consultant
– Major Ali Alkabi (Baghdad) – General coordination
– Munir (Bangladesh) – Decoration Works
– Khalid Akram (Baghdad) – First share holder
– Akram Mohammed (Baghdad) – Logistical assistances
– Mahabat Ali Afandi (Dubai) – Karak tea recipe
– Nahawand Ali Afandi (Dubai) – World Map gift
– Zeeshan (Pakistan) – Barista
– Special thanks to my mother Nihad Akram and my supportive and motivating siblings Hiba, Sarmad, Salwan, and Samr (Baghdad – Dominica)
Last but not least to the loving memory of my beloved father Ismael Abd forever in our hearts!
Thank you everyone for believing in this project and making it happen!
Ehab Ismael (founder and own